14th to 20th May 2018
Dreaming up a building or renovation project in Northern Ireland? Get a one hour consultation with a chartered architect when you donate £40 to The Jill Todd Trust in partnership with Friends of the Cancer Centre

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What is
ask an architect?

‘ask an architect’ is an unique annual event which gives you something back for your charitable donation and takes place over a single week each year.

During that week architects across all of Northern Ireland will offer their services free of charge giving advice to those considering a building or renovation project – all for a charitable donation of £40 to The Jill Todd Trust in Partnership with Friends of the Cancer Centre.

About the
Jill Todd trust

The Jill Todd Trust was established in 2011 by local architect, Barrie Todd and his wife Trish in commemoration of their late daughter Jill, who at the age of 23 tragically had her very active, talented and personable life taken by cancer.

One of the main accredited objectives of the Trust is to raise funds to assist medical research to find a cure for cancer.

‘ask an architect’ was devised by Trish and Barrie as an effective means of raising funds to support cancer research in Northern Ireland.

The Jill Todd Trust is registered with the Northern Ireland Charity Commission no: NIC 102553. www.jilltoddtrust.com

About Friends of
the Cancer Centre

Friends of the Cancer Centre, based at the heart of the Cancer Centre at Belfast City Hospital, is one of Northern Ireland’s leading cancer charities.  A compact, highly effective team, the charity’s work focuses on three key areas – clinical care, patient comforts, and research – with each making a direct and positive impact on the lives of thousands of local people affected by cancer.  All money raised through ‘ask an architect’ will support locally led cancer research, through the charity’s partnership with the Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology (CCRCB) at Queen’s University, Belfast.  Over the last three years, Friends of the Cancer Centre has invested nearly £1 million in research, enabling specialist staff to be recruited in the labs to develop clinical trials benefitting local patients. Thanks to the support of the charity, Northern Ireland has become a world leader in cancer research.

Friends of the Cancer Centre is registered with the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland NIC101345 www.friendsofthecancercentre.com

‘After meeting Chris Allen for my interview made through ‘ask an architect’, I instantly felt that he would be someone I would like to work with on my new house. I was so happy talking to Chris as he listened to me. We are now ready to submit our full planning permission for a new house which I love.’

‘I wouldn’t have thought of consulting an architect for a very small project. The consultation through ‘ask an architect’ showed my idea was feasible. Without ‘ask an architect’, the idea would probably just have remained an idea!’

I was delighted with the advice I was given. I was looking for some practical advice about dealing with a deterioration in my mobility due to a degenerating neurological condition). I thought I would take the opportunity presented by the AAA project to help me decide what to do, and in particular determine the best way to extend; understand would be involved and at what cost.

The Royal Society of Ulster Architects (RSUA) is the professional body for architects in Northern Ireland. As a charity, RSUA’s goal is to deliver public benefit by promoting architecture that enhances life in the region. All architects involved in ‘ask an architect’ are chartered members of RSUA and RIBA. Chartered architects have successfully completed at least seven years of training and assessment and are duty bound to operate at the highest professional standards.

PLACE [Planning Landscape Architecture Community Environment] is an independent, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the making of great places across Northern Ireland. PLACE is composed of a multi-disciplinary team combining expertise and extensive experience in architecture, town planning, visual art, curation, design, social science, education, research, community engagement and event management.

PLACE is a proud delivery partner of ‘ask an architect’ and are delighted to be involved in this very worthwhile initiative. PLACE is the main point of contact for anyone interested in participating in ‘ask an architect’. Please email info@askanarchitect-ni.com or phone PLACE on 028 9023 2524 with any inquires.