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October 13, 2022

Ask An Architect: ask Michael Howe, 2020 Architects

The Ask an Architect initiative, in partnership with the Jill Todd Trust, raises funds for Friends of the Cancer Centre in which members of the public will receive an hour-long consultation in exchange for a £40 donation.

Michael Howe of 2020 Architects in Ballymoney has been taking part in this initiative since its inception in 2015.

Michael sees this initiative as a “no brainer” as he says it is a great way to give back to an important charity, while providing expertise and knowledge to people about the biggest investment of their lives.

“I am always shocked at how little thought people put into purchasing their home” says Michael. “This is the place people will spend most of their time, impacting their lives every day. Architects can save people money, but it is more about their everyday experience, as we can create the best possible environment that people love to live in”.

“The price difference between someone working on your home and hiring a good architect to work on your home is very small, but the difference that architect can make to your life, is massive”, says Michael.

With small everyday purchases, people often spend time scouring the internet comparing products, reading reviews and considering their best options. With our homes often being the biggest and most important purchase we make in our lives, its no question that we should be putting in more effort, expense and taking onboard the views of experts to inform our decisions.

Without an architect, people can often miss out on knowing how many different ways their homes can be improved. Michael discussed how there are only so many ways people are generally shown renovations and extensions, when really, they can be so varied, sometimes even more so than when designing your home from scratch.

With over 20 years of experience and knowledge, Michael is bringing people well-functioning, energy conscious and well-designed homes, which solve the problems of everyday living, rather than people having to adapt their lives to fit the building they live in.

“Does you house feel like a home, do you enjoy living in it…is it allowing you to thrive?” If not, ask an architect!